Commercial & Agricultural Water Treatment

Commercial & Agriculture 

Whether you have a small office in need of clean drinking water, a large industrial project with problem water, or a livestock farm with 100’s of heads under your care. We can provide the right system for the job.

Water sources traditionally used for agricultural and livestock applications include groundwater, surface water and municipal water.

There are also water treatment issues and regulations confronting the vegetable and fruit processor’s segment of the market that involve vegetable/fruit washing and wastewater recycling that must be addressed.

Water Air and You can provide the right system for the job.  Commercial and industrial systems come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, we can design and build a custom system to fit your every need.

 Schedule a  FREE, no-obligation water quality analysis at your facility performed by one of our water specialists. With this information, we can design and build a water treatment system customized specifically for the water chemistry and contaminants present in your water to maximize the benefits and efficiency of water equipment.

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Water Treatment Equipment for Agriculture, Poultry Farms, Livestock, Commercial Growers, Hydroponics & More

Water Treatment for
Organic Agriculture and Livestock

 One of the greatest things about Hydrogen Peroxide is it’s ideal use for organic operations. Whether you work with an organic farm or simply have your own
home-grown garden; free of harsh chemicals, we can certainly help your operation flourish!

Healthy livestock equals greater profits for producers. Invest in the future health of your livestock today! Hydrogen peroxide treated water increases the feed conversion efficiency of livestock thus reducing a producer’s production cost. It is also an effective tool for reducing many of livestock health issues associated with well and rural water.

It has long been known that hydrogen peroxide is used by immune cells (white blood cells) in a process known as the oxidative burst, to effectively eliminate microorganisms in the body, then is safely neutralized by enzymes such as catalase and SOD. Hydrogen Peroxide is classified in microbiology as a “high-level disinfectant” which translates to a maximal level of destruction of most microbial forms.

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The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has funded and published studies demonstrating significant inhalation and dermal (skin) absorption of carcinogenic chlorine by-products found in drinking water and bath (swimming pool) water.

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