Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Solutions

Crystal Clear Water, The Natural Way!
No Harsh Chemicals, No Poor Environmental Impact.

Water has such a vital role in our everyday-lives. With poor water quality, we live second-rate. Without water, we don’t live at all. This is the core of why we do what we do. Our products provide better water solutions that benefit people, animals, and the equipment and system your water runs through, all while staying environmentally friendly.

It has long been known that hydrogen peroxide is used by immune cells (white blood cells) in a process known as the oxidative burst, to effectively eliminate microorganisms in the body, then is safely neutralized by enzymes such as catalase and SOD. Hydrogen Peroxide is classified in microbiology as a “high-level disinfectant” which translates to a maximal level of destruction of most microbial forms.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has funded and published studies demonstrating significant inhalation and dermal (skin) absorption of carcinogenic chlorine by-products found in drinking water and bath (swimming pool) water.

Residential Solutions

Our hydrogen peroxide products have been used in home water systems for years. They are effective at reducing many common well and surface water problems including lowering dissolved ferrous iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide content. Targeting these contaminants has a drastic impact on your quality of living at home for you and your family.

Many of our first-time customers are skeptical at first, but once they experience how much better our products work over other water treatment methods, they quickly let us know how it’s changed their life. Treating your water with hydrogen peroxide can make your water drinkable again. Many people with high iron and sulfur content in their water tell us they had never been able to drink their tap water before. But after using our products they say the bad smell and taste is gone and they not only can tolerate the taste, but actually enjoy it.

Agricultural and Livestock Solutions

One of the greatest things about all our hydrogen peroxide treatment products is their ideal use for organic operations. Whether you work with one of the largest organic farms in the world or simply have your own home-grown garden free of harsh chemicals, products like hydrogen peroxide can certainly help your livestock or poultry operation flourish.

Are you a USDA Organic Certified grower or livestock farmer? All our hydrogen peroxide products are compliant with USDA organic regulations. Below are some excerpts from Title 7, the agriculture section of US Code of Federal Regulations. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the allowed synthetic substances for organic operations.

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